We worked with PNC Bank on improving customer onboarding for their commercial card products. The goal was to create a streamlined digital experience both for bank officials as well as clients.

After 7 months of research and design, we built Keystone, a comprehensive end-to-end application with bank and client-facing components. Together with a redesigned workflow, Keystone establishes the grounds for faster revenue generation and an improved onboarding experience.


Keystone consists of two components: a client-facing portal called Card Program Wizard and an internal tracking application called Keystone for the various teams involved in onboarding. Our solution aims to unify information, people and functions across the process from start to finish.

Card Program Wizard

The Card Program Wizard consists of 2 parts: a Product Decision Tree that collects basic information from the client and recommends the commercial card product best suited for their needs, and an Onboarding Portal which is the one place for the client to track their progress and receive/submit documents from PNC.

Internal Application (Keystone)

Keystone is a dedicated web-based application for commercial card onboarding. It centralizes all client data and makes it available to the various teams involved in the process: Sales, Contracts and Implementation. It can send/receive information to/from the Card Program Wizard.

Card Program Wizard: Product Decision Tree

User: Client

Purpose: To get basic information from the client and recommend the commercial card product that best satisfies their company's needs.

Card Program Wizard: Onboarding Portal

User: Client

Purpose: To provide the client a dedicated source to track their onboarding progress and receive, fill and submit documents to PNC.

Internal Application: Treasury Management Officer

User: Treasury Management Officer (TMO; primary salesperson)

Purpose: To receive client information from the Product Decision Tree, facilitate sales calls till the sale is confirmed, and perform other internal job functions.

Internal Application: Sales Associate

User: Sales Associate (SA; secondary salesperson)

Purpose: To collect more detailed client information, submit a request to the Contracts team, and oversee the client's progress till the end of onboarding.

Internal Application: Implementation Manager

User: Implementation Manager

Purpose: To track the workload of a team of 16 Implementation Engineers and to optimally assign incoming implementations to one of them.


Jacqueline Chien   |   jacq.design

UX Research Co-Lead, Technical Co-Lead

Maria Robles   |   mariaarobles.com

Project Manager (Spring), Design Lead

Samarth Bahuguna   |   samarthb.com

Technical Lead

Wei Fang

Project Manager (Summer), UX Research Co-Lead