Joining Local

Local is a social application by its nature. We want to enable sharing through text, email, and social networks in order to grow the platform. We anticipate that this digital sharing will result in word of mouth growth in the real world, enabling more people to discover our service organically.

Exploring With Local

A user browsing paths nearby can scroll up and down to view paths, as well as left to right within a path to view the individual stops. They can then tap into learn more about each business.

Ordering Ahead With Local

At participating businesses, users can skip the line by choosing from the menu in Local and ordering their food ahead. They pay with Masterpass and then their food is all ready when they arrive; they just say their name at the counter.

Creating Paths With Local

It's easy for users to create their own paths on Local, to share their favorite businesses around town with others. Predictive text makes adding stops simple.