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Get the best from your vendor partners

At your service

Our platform facilitates outstanding vendor services, tailored just for you. Get more from your vendors with custom programs and curated product offers .

All in one place

All your product offers in one place. No more hunting down emails. No more attachments. View your buying history—previous orders tied directly to their offer.

Be decisive

Beautiful product photos and all the information you need to make an informed decision. Review and share your whole program as you go.

Exactly what your program needs

Get the products and services you need to fill your assortment.

Create and share programs and watch the product offer roll in.

Say it your way

Create simple and flexiable programs. Attach images or PDFs to help communicate your specific needs.

Works like you do

Product offers are automatically organized into programs and categories.

I think deeply when I create my programs…
I love watching my programs fill up with products"

Retail Buyer, 12 years

Leverage your whole assortment

Buying Time is the only tool that lets you see all of a program’s best products, across vendors.

See how your assortment is shaping up and where to focus your attention.

Show off your buy

Share products with a single click. No more sorting through vendors' linesheets to present your work.

Track your spend

Keep track of program and category expenditures so you never have to wonder about your cash on hand.

Order without the hassle

Turn offers into product orders with a click. Export to Excel or integrate directly into your EDI for instant processing.

The tools you need

See summary stats update live and track how your order is shaping up.

Crunch the numbers

Play with the numbers and negotiate with your vendor to get the price you need.

No more hunting for email attachments.

Keep previous purchases together and easily searchable. Make better decisions with instant access to past decisions and data.

Your purchase orders in context

Find every purchase you've made grouped with the order it came from.

Highly auditable

Review the choices, inquiries, and negotiations that fueled every decision.

Keep updated