We set our sights on finding ways to enable affluent retail bank customers to make better, more informed financial decisions. To meet this goal, our team developed a series of questions that we needed to answer as a foundation for creating a solution. For each of the questions, we analyzed and identified the best research method for finding an answer and deriving insights. From those insights, we used an iterative design process to arrive at a solution.

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Research, design, and prototype a customer-centric experience that pairs customer behavior with intelligence that improves our customers' financial lives. Creative and striking visuals and interactive elements are expected. From a design perspective, the solution should explore different platforms where the solution may be presented such as mobile, connected devices, etc.

Hunt Statement

Design a way for mass affluent customers to make better financial decisions, realize and achieve their financial goals, and thus be able to better enjoy their lives.


From January through August, our team worked to find ways to help bank customers make
better financial decisions through research, visioning, design, and implementation.

  • Secondary Research

    First, our team performed a literature review and exploratory research of both direct competitors as well as analogous domains in order to better understand the space of unhealthy decision making.

  • Primary Research

    Next, we conducted interviews interspersed with structured activities to better understand where people obtain financial information and how trust influences decision making.

  • Synthesis

    We sorted and grouped over six hundred notes in an affinity diagram to find patterns throughout the interviews we conducted.

  • Visioning

    Based on our insights and discussions with our client, we envisioned solutions through sketching, brainstorming, and building lo-fi models.

  • Prototyping and Testing

    We conducted multiple rounds of prototype design, usability testing, and analysis.

  • Final Design

    We arrived at a final design that aimed to solve problems identified through research.

See Our Research

Dive into the detailed story of our need finding, secondary, and primary research.