In a world of endless options,
have you ever long for a perfect fit?

CAMEO strives to help people find clothes that fit their bodies perfectly, as well as to create an inclusive shopping experience that fits their lifestyles and identities throughout some of the most formative years of their lives. Instead of enticing shoppers with an ideal image of who they should be, CAMEO envisions an AEO that makes every individual shopper the ideal just as he or she is. In a time when shoppers may already be struggling to uncover their identities, AEO can act as a good friend, creating an authentic relationship with their customers filled with trust, acceptance, and support.

CAMEO wants to make that a reality for American Eagle shoppers.

Problems and Solutions

"I feel excluded by AEO style"


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"Models don't represent me"


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"Categories are confusing"

Tag It

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"Return is a hassle."

Eagle Express

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About the Project

We are team CAMEO, five Masters students of the HCI Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. With our clients from American Eagle Outfitters, we worked on a capstone project to envision a 3-5 year future solution that better conveys physical “fit & feel” of AEO products online, and to leverage the digital retail space to fit the diverse lifestyles of AEO shoppers and build their confidence through a positive shopping experience. We embarked on a strong human-centered approach in research and design, aiming to solve the right problem, and to do it in the right way.

Liu Yiyi

Jerome Zhong

Charu Sharma

Bingrui Tang

Zac Hinton

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