Made for Bloomberg.

Balanced needs.

An employee’s calendar at Bloomberg has two audiences – the owner and everyone else. Striking the right balance between the owner’s needs and what makes sense to other people is very difficult with the current tools. Our team designed a calendaring application that not only gives calendar owners more control over what others can see, but also streamlines common uses of the open calendar.


Our team developed a range of possible visions for improving workflow, scheduling, and employee time and task management at Bloomberg. We then sketched storyboards to share our strongest 14 visions with Bloomberg.

Concept validation

To evaluate and narrow down our ideas, we conducted concept validation sessions for our 14 storyboards. We found from these sessions an opportunity in the mobile space to resolve issues found in our research findings. We saw the need for greater personalization and connectivity between employees.

Design concepts

Organize the cluttered calendar

React to changes as they happen

Find a place to meet

Evolution of Bloomberg Connect

We went through 5 rounds of iterations, beginning with paper prototypes and ending with a high-fidelity functional prototype. Not all features changed in each iteration. In the chart below the icon indicates when a feature iterated and tested.