A calendar tailor-made for
Bloomberg’s unique culture and workflow.

Connect with people.

Bloomberg Connect brings employees instant, frictionless access to the people they meet with. Designed not only to give calendar owners more control over what others can see, but also to streamline collaboration using the open calendar.

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Home screen

The home screen is the hub in your workday. When you’re on the go, you can easily see when and where your next meeting is, and send an email if you are running late. Our customizable contact list allows you to quickly determine the availability of the people you most frequently interact with.

Home screen screenshot

Following meetings

Following meetings allows you to keep track of meetings you need to know about but don’t plan on attending. Meetings that you follow only appear on your schedule and are invisible to those who view your calendar. Maintaining a clear and accurate calendar leads to a painless and worry-free scheduling flow.

Follow meeting screenshot

Nearby people

The nearby people feature enables you to quickly look up co-workers in close proximity to you, view their calendars, and schedule meetings with them. Finding time with someone you just ran into by the elevator, or scheduling a follow-up meeting while everyone is still in the room has never been easier.

Nearby people screenshot

Scheduling assistant

Finding available times between meeting attendees and rooms can be a bit of a juggling act. The scheduling assistant helps you choose a date, time, and room for a meeting all at once. The system even takes your meeting room preferences into account. With the scheduling assistant, booking a meeting while away from the Terminal is just a few taps away.

Scheduling assistant screenshot

Schedule comparison

The schedule comparison feature gives you a detailed view of your calendar right next to your attendees’ calendars. Whether something urgent has come up, or you’re trying to avoid overbooking someone, the schedule comparison feature puts you in the driver seat of the scheduling process.

Schedule comparison screenshot

Room discovery

Employees can spend up to 15 minutes searching for empty conference rooms. With Bloomberg Connect you can view reserved rooms that don’t have anyone in them. And because a large group of unassigned desks may be just as good as a place for a quick conversation, we show you those as well.

Room discovery screenshot

Notification feed

The notification feed allows you to quickly respond to meetings from a list, or dive into the meeting details to see a preview of how the new meeting fits in your schedule. By making it easier and faster for you to actively manage your schedule, others have a better understanding of your day.

Notification feed screenshot

Custom calendars

Custom calendars help you organize your schedule without affecting how others see your calendar. Each calendar is differentiated by a chosen color and label to help you understand your calendar at-a-glance.

Custom calendars screenshot

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