Our goal was to research and design a solution to assist physicians, when documenting in a narrative form, to reduce errors and capture information required for billing.

The Design Problem

M*Modal’s strength is in supporting narrative documentation through their speech understanding technology. Our goal was to research and design a solution on their behalf that would assist physicians, when working in a narrative form, to capture information that is required by the billing department.

Today, physicians (1) collect patient information and provide care. They then (2) document clinical information in their Electronic Medical Record. If their documentation is missing information required by the billing department, the billing department may have to (3) query the physicians for the missing details so that they can bill appropriately. These queries can occur days or even, potentially, weeks later and can seriously inconvenience physicians and cost them valuable time. Without this information, the billing department is forced to bill at a level below the level of care the patient actually received, potentially costing the hospital millions of dollars every year.

Through our design, we hoped to intervene during documentation (2) to assist physicians in capturing required information.