The following scenario provides a glimpse into Socialstream through the eyes of Christine as she uses it to stay up-to-date with his friends and family. Adrian and Mandy will accompany her with insights into how they use particular elements to fulfill their unique needs.

Christine the Communicator

Christine actively keeps up to date with existing connections by viewing their latest posts and publishing her own information for others to read. She may be a member of multiple social networking sites, but not so many that she feels overwhelmed. She rarely meets new people through online social networks; rather she uses online tools to strengthen her current connections. While she likes to see the content his friends post, she prefers to browse through sites only occasionally, looking for content that interests her. It is important for her to be able to use a variety of ways to communicate with his friends and family since they all prefer to be contacted differently. Socialstream supports this.

Mandy the Matriarch

According to her friends and family, Mandy has always been the heart of their groups. Whenever they have any questions about the latest news or events, they always ask Mandy. Although she is very busy, she is willing to take the time and effort to stay up-to-date with the latest information because she knows that most group members struggle to do this. She does not publish her own information very often, but actively reads that of others. With so many friends and family, she needs help keeping in contact with and communicating with everyone.

Adrian the Addict

Adrian is very active on the Internet. She uses online social networking online daily to keep up with her existing contacts, and also to forge new connections. She searches for new social content daily and also publishes information about herself frequently. Even though she likes to read all new content from all of her friends, she is a member of so many sites that it is often tedious to find what her friends have posted. It is also difficult to maintain information about herself since it exists in so many different places. She joined Socialstream so she can do everything she wants in one place.


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